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Board members come in all shapes and sizes, with different attitudes, agendas and ambition. Fusing a range of diverse talents into an effective leadership team requires alchemy. Better Boards offers a helping hand to a new CEO or Chair faced with the question: Is my board fit for purpose?

Better Boards helps leaders to manage the risk of the unknown and reduce uncertainty. A newly appointed Chair or CEO inherits a board, whose operational effectiveness is unknown. This represents a significant personal risk for a figurehead whose own reputation is dependent on organisational success. Better Boards mitigates this risk.

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Governance Reviews

We examine three key elements identified in the British Standard read more…

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Board Assessments

We examine the effectiveness of the board, both executive and read more…

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Cultural Audits

We provide a simple health-check based on known metrics for read more…

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Strategic risk Analysis

Non-operational risks to the organisation can impact value read more…