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What makes a better board?

How do you identify if your board is as good as it could be? After all you are a  group of talented individuals sharing collective responsibility for stewardship and shareholder return. If  you are governance compliant and delivering a dividend then what more could you be doing? There are three key attributes that distinguish a […]

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Why boards fail to address risk

Does your board spend as long debating risk as it does strategy? Both are estimates of opportunity and threat in an unknown future environment. Both require sound judgement and a keen  appreciation of where the organisation is headed, yet there is ample evidence that many boards see risk only through the lens of business continuity, […]

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Five key lessons for boards from the Carillion collapse.

The sudden collapse of a business like Carillion has raised questions about financial reporting controls, auditor vigilance and exactly who should have acted sooner. The government is embarrassed by exposure to public infrastructure projects across several departments, while many smaller sub contractors will never be paid for work  they’ve done. The board of Carillion must […]

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