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Making Better Decisions – removing bias

This course is aimed at board directors and senior leadership teams. Collective decisions are influenced by the dynamics of the group, boards are susceptible to making unwise or hasty decisions due to pressure of personality, prejudice, misplaced certainty or limited time allocated to reach consensus. Cognitive bias at individual or group level is a recognised factor in poor or inappropriate decision making. However, knowing about it and neutralising it are two different things. Learn how to take practical steps towards better decision-making by your board through a workshop to examine de-biasing options.

How will this course assist you?

  • Learn to recognise over twenty different types of cognitive bias
  • Recognise which ones are most prevalent in your organisation
  • Consider the psychology of group dynamics
  • Understand the power of personality and internal politics
  • Learn how to spot a hidden agenda in the boardroom
  • Appreciate the merits of ‘thinking fast & slow’
  • Avoid the pitfalls of misplaced certainty
  • Distinguish between the rational and irrational mind


  • Presentations and discussion of best & worst practice
  • Case study examples of effective and ineffective uncertainty management
  • Workshop style format to ensure best value

Who should attend

  • Board Directors – exec & NED
  • Strategy/Policy Directors
  • Foresight & Business Development Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Risk & Audit Committee members

Course style

  • Full-day workshop
  • Half-day workshop
  • Masterclass (2 hours)