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Managing Uncertainty

This course is aimed at board directors and senior leadership teams.  Effective stewardship of an organisation requires some certainty about a future which is inevitably unknowable. Foresight and horizon scanning will get you only so far, some things must remain uncertain. How should you treat these when employees, shareholders and other stakeholders expect certainty from  leaders. There are four types of uncertainty and each demands a different coping strategy. Learn to recognise and respond. Separate risk from uncertainty , recognise misplaced certainty, bias, over-confidence and the wisdom of boards known as ‘groupthink’.

How will this course assist you?

  • Identify causes of uncertainty: knowledge gaps & domains of ignorance.
  • Learn to distinguish uncertainty types: from unknown-knowns to known-unknowns.
  • Separate risk from uncertainty: improve your risk register.
  • Discover strategies to cope with different types of uncertainty.
  • Examine common types of cognitive bias leading to misplaced certainty.
  • Learn how to identify bias in your own organisation.
  • Develop informed and robust decisions based on de-biasing.
  • Confidence in reducing uncertainty for future strategy.


  • Presentations and discussion of best & worst practice
  • Case study examples of effective and ineffective uncertainty management
  • Workshop style format to ensure best value

Who should attend

  • Board Directors – exec & NED
  • Strategy/Policy Directors
  • Foresight & Business Development Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Risk & Audit Committee members

Course style

  • Full-day workshop
  • Half-day workshop
  • Masterclass (2 hours)