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Risk literacy

This course is aimed at board directors and non-risk specialists. Risk is a business enabler, yet the default in many boardrooms is to view it as a control function to mitigate business interruption. It is sometimes forgotten that risk can also be opportunity: investment managers and entrepreneurs willingly engage with it for gain, so not everybody is risk averse. Why do so many boards treat risk as a threat to be managed? Learn how to see the positive side of risk: the future cannot be managed, but successful business depends on taking risk

How will this course assist you?

  • Higher confidence in addressing your fellow board members.
  • Improve your own risk literacy in boardroom discussions.
  • Challenge your risk experts and their risk-aversion mindset.
  • Robust decisions come from informed debate.
  • Collective responsibility for risk is a legal requirement.
  • Recognise risk aligned with strategy, not governance or compliance.
  • Improve investor confidence with a positive risk story.
  • Foresight and future strategy demands risk appreciation.


  • Presentations and discussion of best & worst practice
  • Case study examples of effective and ineffective risk awareness
  • Workshop style format to ensure best value

Who should attend

  • Board Directors – exec & NED
  • Strategy/Policy Directors
  • Foresight & Business Development Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Risk & Audit Committee members

Course style

  • Half-day workshop
  • Masterclass (2 hours)