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Better Boards addresses your most nagging question: Is my board really fit for purpose? We offer a variety of simple and effective checks to protect from nasty surprises: banana skins under foot, skeletons lurking in cupboards, or a ticking time bomb somewhere in the organisation:

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Governance reviews

– We examine three key elements identified in the British Standard: Accountability, Direction and Control. We also evaluate governance code compliance, both corporate & voluntary: based on Purpose, Probity and Performance.

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Board assessments

– We examine the effectiveness of the board, both executive and non-executive directors. We review roles, responsibilities and collective bodies such as committees. We highlight areas where change would be beneficial, either in personnel, reporting lines or processes.

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Strategic risk analysis

– Non-operational risks to the organisation can impact value or jeopardise your position, especially strategic risks – political, ethical or reputational. Many are either unseen or unspoken within the organisation you now lead, but you need to understand them quickly.

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Cultural audits

– We provide a simple health-check based on known metrics for a good and effective culture. Our diverse experience of different operational cultures enables us to provide a simple assessment of organisational health using a variety of discrete techniques.

Carried out in a number of days not weeks, we provide a succinct assessment of both efficiency and effectiveness, to highlight action required. These allow you to distinguish the important from the urgent. We offer a discrete and efficient service mindful of the need for practical value.